Biyernes, Setyembre 9, 2011

Apology poem for my Friend Xôi Xùng Xục (celine)

Poem For  My friend Celine

I'm so sorry for making you upset today,
Maybe it was my fault to make my eyes play.
But before everything fades away,
i made a poem, an apology using this way.

My bad that i made your day bad,
just like putting your day on storms and flood.
I know that i made you sad,
but then i hope i can apologize and lowers the tide,..

I'm not sure where should i begin,
For an apology For my friend celine,.
I know there's a bad feeling from within,
So please let me catch up and replace that feeling. :)

Peace Celine :) Peace peace peace :)
(one piece)

Top 5 most visited Website

My top 5 most Visited Websites
(My top 5 on my browser)


Since i like ONE PIECE a lot!! i used to visit this site almost everyday, waiting for any updates for One Piece and other manga,. This website spend me almost 30 mins. a day,..


I really love koreans,.. in fact my day is not complete without seeing one,.. that's why i visit this site,.. special when girl's generation has an update, Who don't like SNSD!? right!? It spend me almost 1 - 2 hours a day surfing and watching their new vids everyday,.. 

3. Facebook

Nah it's not my number one site,.. cause i used to just log in and check if theirs any notification and stuffs,.. maybe it took the 3rd place cause i'm always leaving it's tab open,.. ¬_¬.. 


SMOSH ROCKZSZSZSZSZSZSSSSS!!,.. This website is the best for me,.. all content was so hilarious,.. i mean, not all, almost! ... This site freaking complete my everyday,.. it spend me almost 4 hours surfing funny stuffs,.. 

1. Youtube
Youtube is what internet all about for me,.. Theres a lot of good stuffs in there,.. But what makes me spend my day on this website?.. It is because of those freaking youtubers,.. RWJ, Shane Dawson, SMOSH, Nigahiga, FreddieW, EpicMealTime, Vsauce, MysteryGuitarman,. and a LOT,.. 

How about you!? what's your Favorite site?

Huwebes, Setyembre 8, 2011

Top 8 Memes

 My Top 8 Favorite Memes :

8. Angry School boy

I can relate to all this Freaking kid says,.. 
when i was a kid i were use to play a LOT of MMORPG, then comes my mom calling me for something,.
she told me to pause it,.
MOM, it's not Mario! you can't freaking pause it

7. Courage wolf

Courage wolf Is the best motivator of life,..
He always told us how to WIN,..
Just like
"going on a bear cage? , Go out with a new coat"

6. Xzibit (Yo Dawg)

Xzibit is the most generous of all memes,..
He always do what you like the most,..
specially "putting a car into your car so you can drive while you drive"

5. X all the things

 X all things was literally x all the y
i don't intend to be so mathy, but i know you'll understand that xD..
He's been doin' a lot of things.. really,..

4. Forever alone

all people knows forever alone, cause' you know,.. yourself knows yourself better..
 xD no seriously,..  Forever alone made a LOT! of appearance now,.. not only at memes but a lot of videos and photos .. Isn't it ironic? everybody knows Forever alone,..

3. Good Guy Greg

This meme had a huge impact to me,.. Cause honestly,.. allmost all captions in his meme is referring to me,.. Good Guy Greg and me is almost the same,.. Being a Good Guy is also Cool xD

2. Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor is the most intelligent meme, Asking all the thoughts that cannot be answered in hilarious way,.. no one can beat his intelligence, even Einstein,, try reading Other Philosoraptor meme and learn the concept of life lol xD

1.Y U NO guy

Y U NO guy is the king of all meme for me,.. and the funniest, This guy always say everything in an outrage way,.. nothing to say just read other Y U NO guy meme by yourself,.. xD

i hoped you liked my top 8,
BTW, Who's your favorite meme??

Miyerkules, Setyembre 7, 2011

"Slam Dunk" anime sequel

What would it be if Slam dunk will have a seqeul?
It would be so nice if they have one :)..

But here's some speculations about this dream sequel,..

after been said that Ryota Miyagi became the captain of Shohoku

Shohoku will be so strong, for the fact that only Mitsui andTakenori Akagi went off (and also Kogure),..
This is my speculations for Some characters

Sakuragi will still be who he are,. but got improved skills and lots of experienced after defeating Sannoh HighSchool the number one basketball team in japan (well, They lose to Shohoku, they are not the best one now),.. Sakuragi will keep bragging about his talents to the new players as he keeps learning for new things about basketball, and probably Him and Rukawa will have better relationship after the Sannoh Incident, (Rukawa passed the ball to Sakuragi for the win, remember?)

Kaede Rukawa 

After obeying Coach's advice, Rukawa will still be on Shohoku team,. I also speculate that maybe he will have more HUGE fans becausehe wwas exposed nationwide.xD :. And i also think that Ace players from their district will keep their eye on him, Rivalry against Sendo will be more intense due to the fact the Sendo will be a Senior now,.. And Sakuragi and Him will still be the heart of the team,..

Hikoichi Aida 

After being observant to every player, isn't cool if he will be a great player on his senior year,.. I bet he will be a Point Guard, Analyzing opponent's moves and then counter it,.. Using all he learned from previous years, Hikoichi Aida will become one of the best (i hoped so),

Sannoh Industry Affiliated High School

After losing to a rank C team (Shohoku)
As a Rank A team and the no 1 team in japan,..
they learned that they can't underestimate any team now,..
they will train better,.. and remain a be threat for everyone..

Isn't it great for slam dunk to have a sequel? :)

By the way, the author wrote a 10 days after the ending,.. This content above are just my speculation beyond the 10 days,, :)